Realizing the value of extraordinary digital experiences.

Web, mobile, and desktop solutions for your enterprise and customers.

We specialize in creating digital experiences that engage, inform, inspire, and influence the people that matter to you most. Enterprise experiences engage your workforce, provide the information they need where and when they need it, and motivate them to achieve their goals. Customer experiences shape the way your customers perceive your brand and how they use your products. But most importantly, exceptional experiences can propel your business forward and more often than not, beyond your competition.

Your success is critical to ours. We take pride in working with you to understand your business challenges and to realize the true value of the opportunities that await you. Let us be your trusted digital source and we will help you deliver results that move your business.

Digital Experiences


Reinvent and empower your workforce.

You are continuously striving to get more out of your employees and you want to give them best of breed tools to help them be more successful. Whether it’s enabling your sales force, providing rich user interfaces for ERP systems, navigating the bring your own device minefield, or implementing an enterprise-wide digital strategy, we can help.

When it comes to designing and engineering fully integrated enterprise-class solutions, our experience runs deep. We’ve worked with some of the world’s most prominent brands like Microsoft and Trane to create exceptional experiences that increase productivity, facilitate better decision making, increase adoption, and yield powerful results.

Customer Facing

High expectations – delivered.

Your customers are picky and in today’s always connected and instantaneous digital world, they demand incredible digital experiences. And not just one–they expect “incredible” at every digital touchpoint. It’s up to you to deliver–or risk losing them to a competitor that will.

At Cynergy, we get that. We spend each and every day identifying ways to strike a balance between giving customers what they want and producing the business results you need to achieve–at every touchpoint along the way.


Exceptional anytime, anywhere mobile experiences.

Be it for business or pleasure, for finance or healthcare, mobile technology is reshaping almost every aspect of how we work, live, learn, and engage. It is now possible to supply the information people want, wherever and whenever they need it.

Whether you’re looking to streamline workflows and facilitate collaboration within your organization or create dynamic opportunities that attract and engage consumers on the outside, let us help get you where you want to be–in the back pockets of the people who make your business work.


Seamless, responsive, and integrated web experiences.

A well-designed website isn’t just a pretty face. It’s smart. Seamless and adaptive, it can effortlessly accommodate and adapt to any browser and any device–without ever missing a beat. It blends visual design with usability, technology, and an in-depth understanding of what motivates your audience to engage.

Maybe it’s time to rethink your strategy and redesign your current site. Perhaps you’re interested in building a brand new destination. Either way, Cynergy offers the insight and experience to create unique digital experiences that tell your story, resonate with your target audiences, and integrate with your essential eCommerce and CMS platforms.


Powerful desktop solutions.

From financial trading platforms and laboratory analysis tools to sophisticated point-of-sale systems, our designers and developers know how to simplify complex processes to create efficient, easy-to-use digital desktop experiences that complement and integrate with how your company operates. Whatever your company’s vision, we can help make it a reality.

Journey Mapping

Mobile digital experiences enable customers and employees to engage with your company regardless of where they are, or what part of the customer journey they are in–any time, in their moments of greatest need. A Journey Map is one of our most powerful tools to identify areas where the right digital experience, at the right time, can greatly enhance a customer’s or employee’s engagement with your brand.

Building effective Journey Maps requires a deep understanding of human behavior and cognitive research as well as expertise in your business processes and infrastructure. Let us help you put the customer at the center of your business.

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“Executives sometimes question whether the time and money needed to create personas and customer journey maps are worthwhile. In projects that determine the future of products and channels, customer experience professionals should argue that thorough research with real customers and well–crafted tools to socialize the insights are essential to avoid costly failures.”

Five Creative Approaches For Using Personas And Customer Journey Maps Effectively Forrester Research, Inc. | April 24, 2012

Innovation Workshops

Train your brain–and your organization–to think “outside of the cube.” Cynergy’s facilitated ThinkCube sessions are designed to make “incubation” an active element of your company’s process.

Created by Cynergy Research Director Kes Sampanthar, ThinkCube is a groundbreaking tool that can be used to help organizations shift their perspectives in order to generate new, innovative ideas. Our innovation workshops employ this unique tool that incorporates problem finding, problem understanding, and problem solving to encourage innovative thinking at all levels of an enterprise.

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“We’ve done brainstorming sessions...but we’ve never done it this way. This is exactly what we need to do to get great workers thinking differently about the problems they have today that address the challenges we have as a company.”

-Marketing Manager

Digital Enablement Services

Cynergy + You

Customers’ and employees’ digital expectations are higher than ever before and mobile has revolutionized the way organizations go to market and connect with people. Technology continues to move along at the speed of light and chances are your people are struggling to keep up.

The ability to create game-changing digital experiences is a ubiquitous and elusive goal in business today. Consistently creating great digital experiences is more than dogmatic philosophy or methodology. Reliably moving key performance indicators across many projects comes down to people, approach, education, and tools.

Introducing Cynergy’s Digital Enablement Services. By combining a trusted digital source with expert coaching, education, proven processes, and leave–behind tools, we can help you make your organization digitally self–sustainable.

Get started today by bringing almost two decades of digital experience expertise in–house. We will help you build your own Centers of Excellence and help your internal teams build transformative digital experiences.

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