Understanding the true business problems and opportunities.

  • What business challenges are you facing?
  • Are there unknown drivers fueling the problem?
  • How do we know we are solving the “right” problem?

Exceptional strategy begins with creative problem solvers skilled in a wide variety of disciplines. Disciplines that center around human-centered design, technology, innovation, and business. Disciplines that come to life with tools like expert interviews, persona development, empathy mapping, 3D journey mapping, and Motivational Design (click here to see a PDF explaining Motivational Design) just to name a few.

During the Strategy phase, we do more than simply research; we do what it takes to experience your situation firsthand. We get into the trenches with your people to understand their perspective, in their own words and we see how they work with our own eyes. We shake hands and get to know automotive technicians, watch how firefighters interact during emergencies, and crawl around in attics with HVAC dealers to truly understand the needs of people in the field. We observe, analyze, and synthesize every aspect–of your business, your people, your customers, and your technology.

We apply what we learn in this Strategy phase to develop a clear set of user insights, user goals, and business requirements. These outputs directly impact both design and technology decisions. Have you already done the research before talking to us? Many of our customers have and that works for us too. We’ll quickly review and validate the research so we can move to designing an incredible experience.

Where there are questions, we work to find answers. Together, with you, we will gain insights and transform them into ideas that provide true business value.

Persona grids & empathy maps


A disciplined approach, driven by strategy.

  • Intuitive designs that produce results.
  • Collaborative, iterative process.
  • Built within time and budget constraints.

With the big picture thinking understood and the strategic direction mapped out, we move to the next step in our process – Design. We believe design is much more than pixels, it’s creatively solving real business challenges. It begins with information architecture and moves into workflow, motion, gestures, usability, branding, typography, color, and style — all in the context of the targeted delivery medium and devices. It’s Design with a capital “D.”

We also believe that design can’t happen in a vacuum. Our design approach is both iterative and collaborative and you are a critical part of the experience. We stress face-to-face kickoff meetings, frequent iterations of wireframes, high-fidelity designs, and a constant feedback loop. Additionally, design without the oversight of technology is a recipe for disaster. The creativity and uniqueness across our experiences is anchored by what’s plausible–sanity checking design along the way with technical expertise to ensure that your experience can be delivered on time and within your budget.

Engaging, motivating designs


Bringing high-performing designs to life.

  • Flawless performance.
  • Built with the future in mind.
  • Integrated into your back end systems.

Once the design of an experience is determined, it’s time to build it and make it work. Our roots lie in best-of-breed engineering. Founded as a development shop over 17 years ago, enterprise IT is a core part of our DNA. Our size and breadth allow us to offer full stack development services including mobile, web, desktop, embedded, back end, content management, and data services. If it has a screen, you can bet we’ve built for it. Our developers work hand-in-hand with our design team and your technical teams for constant collaboration and a more cohesive, beautiful digital experience that performs as well as it looks.

You won’t find us leaning toward one technology or another and imposing it on your organization. We know not all technologies will fit with your existing processes or legacy systems so we invest in understanding a wide breadth of technologies so that we deliver the right experience for the right person on the right device, every time.


Shipping experiences with superior quality.

  • Rigorously tested across devices.
  • Deployed locally or in the cloud.
  • Successful, on-time rollouts.

Our process doesn’t stop with development. In a world of so many browsers, so many devices–and so little time–quality assurance (QA) is a critical component of any digital experience. We believe delivery means that the experience is built, tested, aligned with your specifications, and ready for business.

Our delivery process is structured to be flexible to your needs. We can manage the end-to-end responsibilities of quality assurance and delivery with a 100% Cynergy team or we can incorporate your internal QA staff and experts into the mix. Our QA testers write all functional test scripts based on the use cases outlined during the discovery analysis. They are responsible for regularly testing the builds and filing defects for the team to address. We also use automated test frameworks to handle redundant tasks and find efficiencies in the timeline.

You can take comfort knowing that we will work with you to guarantee not only a great product, but a successful roll-out too. We will work side by side with you and help you deploy either locally or in the cloud.

Rigorous testing across multiple devices and platforms

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